Short documentary: las shapers

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Las Shapers

Las Shapers is a documentary that celebrates three women (Kat Mortimer, Cher Pendarvis, and Valerie Duprat) at different stages of their lives, forging a new path in the world of building surfboards. Each woman’s unique approach to board building reflects the way they navigate life’s obstacles  – with resourcefulness and creativity. Through their stories, we learn the importance of finding a voice that they can assert in their day-to-day life – in order to break the boundaries of traditionally gendered roles, because, let’s face it, surfboard building has long been regarded as a male-dominated trade. With passionate women like Kat, Cher, and Valerie, that’s changing. Las Shapers is also a testament to the influence and support of partners and mentors in one of the crafts where mentorship is still vital.

Our goal for this project was to create an inspirational tale for those looking to break through their fears in the quest to fulfill their true passion.



New york women surf film festival, 2018

Lagoa surf film arte, brazil, 2018 (awards: best screenplay)

CHATTANOOGA FILM festival, 2019

san diego surf film festival, 2019

Women’s Surf Night out — @clifbar Cold Shot, 198 alen st. gallery, new york, 2019

honolulu surf film festival, 2019